Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on being the original promotional platform made specifically for YouTube content creators. ytbuddyhub is youtube promotional platform for youtube creators. Our mission is to help YouTubers grow their channels and reach videos in front of the right audience.

We are into digital marketing platform many years, we've successfully promoted over 500 channels.

YTBuddyhub put your video in front of the YouTubers who want to see it. We do this by promoting your video directly on YouTube through YouTube's Ad's platform. .

The process is simple:

1. You choose a plan(how many views you want).

2. Place the order or make payment.

3. Before payment,choose a video you want to promote and give the url on form.

4. We promote your video to youtube network.

Your video will be promoted as an Advertisement directly on YouTube and will be promoted in 3 different ways:

1. As a commercial before similar videos (also known as an "in-stream" ad).

2. As a "recommended" video alongside similar videos.

3. As a "featured" search result. When a YouTube user performs a search for one of your keywords, your video will be displayed at the top of the results.

Your video will be promoted in our articles :

1. We display your videos in our article pages.

2. We display your videos in our network website as feature ads.

Pricing starts at $6 for 1000 here view plans

All views are from 100% real people! We promise to never use bots, click farms, or pay people to watch your videos. All growth is organic and real with no risk to your channel. All views are 100% verifiable through your YouTube Creator Studio analytics.

Once your order sumbitted, your video promotion typically started within 24 hours.In few cases it may take delay other 24 hours.

You can choose how long you’d like the promotion to last. Most campaigns last between 3-5 days but you can choose as quickly as 1 day or as long as 10 days.

Yes, you can. Based on your view plans you can promote multiple videos.

Yes, we guarantee it! In the extremely rare cases where we are unsuccessful in delivering the views, we will refund or we will ask you to give other video to promote.

Yes, they will. At any time, you can check the "Reach" report in the "Analytics" area of your Creator Studio. Views from your as well as it will show as "YouTube advertising".

Real people will be viewing your videos,if the viewer enjoys your videos they can subscribe, like, or comment just as they would with any other video on YouTube. This also means there's the possibility you'll receive dislikes, negative comments, or have the viewer leave without doing anything. We encourage you to learn from the feedback and apply it to your future videos.

As we are giving subscription plans from actutal ytbuddyhub verified subscribers.

Please note: You should be very cautious from anyone or any company who makes guarantees for subscribers, likes, and comments. These are likely inactive, fake accounts that will have no lasting positive impact on your channel.

There is absolutely no risk to your channel by using YTBuddyhub. All promotional efforts by YTBuddyhub explicitly follow YouTube’s terms and conditions. We have promoted over 500+ channels with no issues whatsoever.

Yes. If we are unable to promote your video for any reason (for example, Google/YouTube Ads didn't approve of your video), your money will be refunded.

Or we will ready to promote your other video

We work with a large variety of channel topics; including musicians, gamers, vloggers, families, comedians, news, self-help, religious, travel, education and more. We can promote any type of channel.

Currently, we accept PayPal.

For indian clients, we accept google pay.

This referral program is customers are rewarded for spreading the word. For example, you referring a friend to ytbuddyhub. You will earn 5 points every valid account that verified their channel with us through your referral links.These points are unlimited

if you earned 50 points, you can get 1000 FREE views.