Why YouTube deleting subscribers?

A lot of you may have recently noticed a big drop in your subscriber count on your YouTube channel. Are you wondering why YouTube is deleting subscribers?

Some of you may be as obsessive as I am when checking your subscriber totals on a daily basis? and to tell you the truth, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this! So, why the drop in subs on your YouTube channel?

Actually… It’s all about cleaning house!

YouTube has announced that they have just added a new automated feature to clean up the subscribers count on your YouTube channel. 

Removing spam accounts helps to keep YouTube “a fair playing field” for creators, since they can artificially increase a channel’s subscriber count. Its unclear how many channels will be affected, but YouTube does want people to prepare for a decline.

They want the numbers to stay meaningful and accurate for advertisers. This means, better advertisers… more money.

Why YouTube Subscribe count changing or dropping?

  1. Viewers are subscribing and unsubscribing to your channel normally.
  2. Removed spam subscribers from your channel.
  3. They are not watching any of your videos.
  4. You want to have viewers who are active.
  5. If they are not commenting or engaging on your video content.

YouTube removed closed accounts from your channel.

These are accounts that were either closed by the user, or terminated by YouTube due to a policy violation.

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